"It is brilliant to think there are all these brains working together on my business!"

Raphaelle Simmons, Simmons Creperie

Project brief

Raphaelle had received a grant from the Government Growth Voucher scheme. She felt her business needed a full MOT and was looking to see where she could make it more efficient and save on costs.

Client feedback

"I have been running a successful small business for five years and it was growing so quickly that I suddenly felt like I was drowning in day-to-day tasks and was unable to think about the best way to manage that growth to the benefit of my business and myself.

I took advantage of the government growth voucher programme to approach Business Clan in the hope they could be my external strategic partner.

From the start they were very responsive and efficient. They really understood the problems I face as a small business owner and a mum. I really like the fact that I benefit from so much varied expertise from one company including HR, marketing and web management. It is brilliant to think there are all these brains working together on my business!

They have done a full MOT of our activity and made strategic recommendations on what to do next, especially in the marketing field. They even offered to help take some workload off my shoulders during my busy time which will save my life! 

I look forward to working with them on a regular basis as I am sure they have experts in every single domain I might need covered."

Raphaelle Simmons, Simmons Creperie

Does your business need an MOT?