Personalised LinkedIn training at Paris event

"Thank you both for your efforts in Paris. The feedback has once again been extremely positive and our Members were appreciative and positive about the sessions."

Growth strategy advice for sole trader

"Delia took her time to give me honest feedback on how I was doing, and highlighted potential (and affordable!) solutions to some of the challenges I had with running and growing my business."

Launch strategy for start-up

"Delia took the time to go through the information I provided beforehand so she could use our time productively and ask pointed questions. She followed up with thoughts and ideas which showed she really understood what I was up against."

Marketing & social media

"Since working with Business Clan I have gained prestigious new clients, and am now excited to be moving from a home studio to a larger commercial space to work from."

Business consultancy and planning

"They are a bit of a lifeline for me actually - especially now that I'm able to benefit from their 15 minute telephone advice sessions."