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David Choy

Junior Web Designer

I enjoy researching keywords to optimise our clients’ websites to increase their visibility on search. I love continually learning to add to my arsenal of tech skills.

IT & web design skills

David has had a keen interest in IT for many years. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Physics at Imperial College London, David worked as a software engineer, planning tests and working as part of a support team on Xceptor data hub. He went on to study a Masters in Computer Science at the University of Oxford.

Following this, David began working on a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in early 2015. During his PhD David worked on one of the Magnetic Resonance Linear Accelerators (MR linac) where he implemented multiple algorithms for checking dosages of radiotherapy and accelerating the dosage calculations.

Professional experience

David is passionate about badminton and has enjoyed playing for over ten years. He mostly plays for fun with his friends but is also a qualified assistant badminton coach!

David was an intern at Saarstahl Export in 2011 where he was tasked with researching information on the market of industries and analysing and proofreading the turnover records of the company. This gave David an insight into industry and marketing to support his IT skills.

David also has a diverse knowledge of Linux, LaTeX (document preparation system) and C++ with OpenMP API specification for parallel programming. He is proficient in HTML and CSS which he uses to help him in managing and developing our clients’ websites. Since joining Business Clan in June 2019, he has got up to speed on WordPress and gained the Google Search and Google Display accreditations.

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