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Olga Hutchinson

Part-qualified Accountant

I enjoy helping clients to adapt to new advances in software as an answer to ever changing regulations, reducing their input to the accounts process to what is strictly necessary, yet delivering management friendly outputs on time.

Accountancy skills

Olga is a part qualified ACCA accountant with diverse experience in financial and performance analysis. Starting her career with Morgan Stanley in New York, after completing an Accountancy degree in the US, Olga moved to the UK in 2006.

Professional experience

Olga likes tea, home cooking and getting outside in her spare time, whether it’s walks in the park or retrieving her kids’ boomerangs from trees.

Olga’s career path started in financial analysis and reporting in an international bank, before moving to the UK and working in performance analysis in the energy industry at the UK branch of the world’s largest gas producer. More recently her focus has been on payroll and getting to know various payroll and accountancy packages. During this period she has gained first-hand experience of the challenges and rewards of working with smaller businesses and how they face up to the challenges of growth and disruption constantly.

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