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Sanae El Khounchoufi

Sanae El Khouchoufi web designer
IT & Website Consultant

I love offering high quality services with innovative solutions and user-friendly interfaces to our clients. I am committed to continuously improving and growing my skills.

IT & web design skills

Sanae’s love of tech started at an early age and was the reason why she chose to study IT at University. She has a MSc in project management and a MSc in information systems plus an MBA and is currently studying for a PhD which she will complete in 2020.

Professional experience

When Sanae is not buried deep in code, she enjoys cooking for family and friends. Her signature dish is a Moroccan Tagine. Yum!

Sanae specialises in building websites using MVC frameworks (Zend, Codeigniter). She is experienced in backend and frontend development using CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, MySql and MonagoDB. She is also proficient in the CMS applications Joomla, WordPress and Magento. Since joining Business Clan in spring 2019 she has learnt Zoho CRM and Deluge language.

Sanae worked for two-years as a web developer whilst studying. Now at Business Clan, she brings her extensive skill set to our tech team.

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