Marketing Consultant

Leeza Morely

Leeza has been part of Business Clan from the early days and she really loves being able to advise small businesses on their marketing strategies. 


In a previous life Leeza travelled extensively, and if she wasn't a working mum, her next stop would be South America.

Her background is in product marketing, primarily in the entertainment industry. She spent 7 years at HarperCollins Publishers working on a wide variety of non-fiction entertainment titles, and 6 years at Sony Pictures where she headed up the home entertainment marketing department. Both these roles involved her working with various media, digital and PR agencies. To update her traditional marketing background, she has added a Social Media Marketing diploma to her skills. She has experience of the full marketing mix and has been responsible for budgets from as little as £50 to £2 million.


I love being able to help small businesses grow their client bases and bring their products and services to the attention of more people
— Leeza

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