100th client

Three years, two awards, one office and 100 clients!

Writing our business awards applications this month made us look back on all we have achieved over the last three years. We demonstrated to the judges that we have grown through our team expanding and the number of clients we have worked with increasing. We reached the milestone of working with over 100 businesses across south west London and Surrey. We have helped those providing services as well as products; clients who are B2B as well as B2C. The business owners' skills are many and varied including cooks, coaches and candle-makers; designers, dancers and dietitians; artists and architects.

We love hearing the different stories about how their businesses were established and what challenges they face on their way to growth. But what we like the most is overcoming those challenges with them through our talented team of specialists. 

So who was client 100? The charming Dr Daniela Mo! You can read her testimonial here and check out the branding Trine created and the website Lucy built here

Whatever kind of business you are running, whatever stage you are at and whatever challenge you are facing: we can help. Call us on 033 0133 0543 to find out more.