Wombledon Rounders 10th June 2016

For the second year running, the Business Clan team, with a few husbands thrown in to make up the numbers, took to the field at Old Ruts Cricket Club to compete in the 43rd Annual Wombledon Rounders tournament on Friday evening. Twelve local business teams of twelve players battle it out in games of twelve minutes each to see who will be crowned tournament winners. 

We were there to have a fun night out with our families without any expectations of sporting glory having come eleventh last year. But the mood changed when Nicolle jogged over to chat to Jonathan Askew from the sponsors Hartley Fowler, who was the scoremaster:

"Yes, don't worry you're in the lead."


Two games in and we were in the lead with a score of 248 - one more decent score and we would be in the SEMI-FINALS. The news spread around the team and we started to get more than a little excited as our competitive spirits rose to the fore.

Next up on Court One were the Peacock Pitchers. We had seen them playing earlier and they looked fearsome and had a couple of very big hitters. We gave it our best shot, but even though we hit a decent 115, they beat us. Jonathan reassured us that despite this none of the other teams would catch us and we would finish second in our group. Could it be? 

There was a dramatic pause...well, time for drinks and some tasty barbecue food...whilst the other teams played out the group stages. The scores were in. Had we made the cut? YES!!! High fives all round.

We moved to Centre Court to play THE PINK TEAM. Reassuring words from Jonathan: "No one can beat the Pink team. They got the Hartley Fowler team out in two minutes." Plus they looked frighteningly young and fit. We hit well, ran well and got a few of them out with our back-stop and first base dream team of Dave and Delia, but they were just too strong and we trudged back over to Court One to play our old nemeses, the Peacock Pitchers, for third place.

So 4th place. But, wait a minute, we were 11th last year...a seven place improvement on last year must crown us "Most improved team of the tournament"! We're happy with that. 

Massive thanks to Wendy and Sara of G&T Services for organising; Hartley Fowler and Merton Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring and providing the umpires; Old Ruts CC for hosting; and Nanette and her Dad for founding and being all round groovy people. Oh and congratulations to Gem & Co, the tournament winners. Yes, they even beat the Pink Team.

See you next year. Same time. Same place. And this time Leeza's going to make us practice...