Nicolle with a Dragon

Nicolle gets some valuable advice (and a selfie!) from a Dragon

Nicolle won a competition through The Guardian Small Business Network to attend the Barclaycard Small Business summit in Hyde Park. There was a wealth of advice available for small businesses from Barclaycard Business and their partners. The highlight was Dragons' Den star, Sarah Willingham, being interviewed by Claire Burke, editor of The Guardian Small Business network, and then socialising with the competition winners afterwards. Her top tips for entrepreneurs included:

  • Know your market. If you are doing something other people are doing, make sure you do it better.
  • Do what you are experienced in. You won't get funding for something you are new to.
  • Always surround yourself with brilliant people (we know a thing or two about that at Business Clan!)
  • Be aware of your weaknesses and recruit people who have them as strengths.
  • Find your own work/life balance. What works for one family doesn't work for everyone.
  • Create a cult around your business that people want to be part of.

Nicolle and Sarah discussed our flexible working model and how we make it work and agreed the sooner the whole of society moves to working this way - the better for everyone. So let's keep talking about it...