Business Clan meeting

Marketing plan workshop Thursday 23rd February

Have you ever wondered why so few small businesses succeed, while others fail?

Because they understand careful planning is integral to effective marketing. Success is not pure luck; it involves planning before acting and growing.

Whether you are launching a new company, a new product or a new service, or whether you want to increase your sales, you will be more successful if you take the time to write a marketing plan.

We aim to provide you with the practical tools for creating a thorough marketing plan that will create more value for your customers while increasing your revenue.

We will go through real case studies and we will show you how to:

  • do a situational analysis (including a market analysis, competitor analysis and business review)
  • describe your strategies and your SMART marketing objectives
  • decide on your marketing mix of Product, Promotion, Price and Place/ Distribution (4Ps)
  • draw your operational plan to cover both traditional marketing and digital online marketing channels (from social media, SEO and events to news, PR and advertising)
  • outline your action plan to implement that strategy, after you have decided how to allocate your marketing budget and who will implement the marketing strategy.

Before you even consider spending your money on a new website, or on Facebook or Google ad campaigns, before printing anymore flyers or writing anymore Mailchimp campaigns, join our workshop. You will then be equipped with the necessary tools for the right marketing decisions.

The workshop will be run in partnership with Kingston Chamber of Commerce by Alina Vasile-Floroaie of Business Clan at Maple Works, 73 Maple Road, Surbiton, KT6 4AG on Thursday 23rd February from 9.30am until 1pm. Book your place now!