Marketing for the 21st century

On 18th October, Delia was invited to speak to 70 marketing students at London South Bank University on "Marketing for the 21st Century" and the challenges it presents for small businesses. She shared her experience of using social media to grow our clients’ businesses as well as our own. She told the students that done well, digital marketing can significantly help businesses to succeed. She also covered the history of social media, how to measure your ROI, the pitfalls to avoid and her top tips for success.

As part of the seminar, Delia challenged the students to come up with a marketing plan for two different businesses, one B2C and one B2B. Of the students taking part, Delia commented:

"They had excellent ideas and were keen to use social media. They need to remember that digital is the 'glue' for traditional marketing and to include a cost estimate in proposals as clients will always ask what it will cost them and what will they get as a result!"