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Cool Coding club at Wimbledon primary schools

This school year, our women in tech, Lucy and Delia have been getting up early on a Tuesday morning to teach pupils in Years 5 and 6 at St Matthew's Primary School to code. It has gone so well that they are planning a second "Cool Coding" club at another local Primary School from September.

One pupil commented: "Coding club is amazing because the people who run it are very friendly and helpful".

Delia and Lucy started by furthering the children's knowledge of Scratch which they had been taught in school. They organised fun but challenging tasks to help them apply what they knew already, then explored different, and more challenging programming concepts, to extend their knowledge and confidence.

In the following term, they introduced the children to Python, a widely used programming language used in ‘real life’ applications. They showed the children how to use what they learnt in Scratch to start writing Python code. They also showed them how to follow best practice and how to translate their ideas into program code using flow diagrams to map the processes and the logic. They encouraged the children to come up with their own ideas but, Blue Peter style, they also had ideas they had prepared earlier!

This term the children are learning how to build a basic website by writing HTML code. They are looking at using styles and design layout.

As Delia explains our goal for "Cool Coding" is "for the children to have fun whilst learning to code. We encourage the children to share their knowledge and to work together. They are welcome to bring in their own projects to show the other children and we provide help and support if they need it."

If you would like "Cool Coding" to come to a school you are involved with then get in touch!