Annabel's view of our Clan's place in an uncertain future

The vote last Thursday threw every British business and individual into uncertainty.

The next day, the morning of the announcement, I met Delia Porter, Joint Head of Business Clan with Nicolle Anderson, for a job interview. We agreed to meet in Raynes Park, and I got there early to have a quick coffee, and brave the pollution at a street table. The shock of some passers-by was palpable. The snatches of conversation reminded me this wasn’t an auspicious time to be touting for work.

But dividing and destructive as the lead up to Brexit was, ironically the minute it was announced it unified the nation more strongly than anything before it. Large business or small, Remain or Leave, we all share now, for the time being, a common problem. That of an uncertain future – there is not one person on the planet who can say they have experience of getting through the current situation.

We are all looking into the same swirling mist.

If you are someone for whom things feel very raw right now, this will recede. Being very afraid or very angry always does fade in time. Also, great innovation comes out of dire need, and we Brits have always been excellent innovators, stubborn, brave fighters. I’ll even get metaphorical for a moment, and ask – what do you do when faced with a thick mist you can’t see through, and have to walk forward?

You reach out your hands.

That’s how I felt when I met Delia and Nicolle.

Business Clan has just been shortlisted for the FSB London awards for Best New Business 2016, and in the few days I’ve been working for them it has already proved itself to be a progressive, nurturing, highly skilled environment. One that I believe will be able to adapt to whatever is waiting around the corner.

To be a member of Business Clan you’ve got to be hugely enthusiastic, highly disciplined, and with a number of different, honed skill-sets (we all complement each other). You’ve got to be able to come together, when needed, to work as a team, and the rest of the time to have the discipline and confidence to work from home. The satellite nature of the business, where we acolytes revolve around the sage and strong heads of Delia and Nicolle, means we can be completely flexible in what we offer our clients. Overheads are low, we react quickly to change.

It’s not going to be easy in the next few months for many people, but for small businesses that might have a limited cash-flow right now, and still need to market themselves, we are in the perfect position to offer highly-skilled, dedicated professionals who might otherwise have been out of the reach of a small budget.

That’s because we’re a Clan, not an agency.

A seasoned operation without the bureaucracy. A team whose members support each other as well as the client.

Delia and Nicolle held out a hand. I gladly took it, and now I’m looking forward to helping others who might be facing uncertainty and are worried about the future. I can empathise, I will work my hardest for our clients. Their future, after all, is mine.

I’m feeling optimistic. In a few months, as is the way of these things, the outlook for the nation will be much clearer. Of that I am certain.

There – I’m already certain of something again.