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Festive offers

Live online social media for business training

Make social media work for your business

Social media business training + free business strategy taster

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Festive Gift Certificate

Festive Gift Certificate

Who is it for?

This 3 hour workshop is aimed at small and medium sized business owners or employees looking for practical and strategic advice on how to use social media to engage in two-way conversations with their target audiences.

Attendees will learn useful social media tips and insights that can be applied directly to their business, as well as how to measure success and evaluate the impact of their social media activity within the context of their overall investment in marketing.

What will we cover in this training?

online social-media-training-business-clan

  • The importance of social media strategy
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Tips for increased engagement across: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Paid social ads
  • Analytics

What will you take away?


  • Confidence to set up and build online communities
  • How to use social media to help your business grow
  • Top tips to optimise your social channels
  • How to deliver measurable results
  • How to handle negative comments
  • How to create audiences on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • An understanding of paid social options

Training dates for 2021

Choose from one of the following dates:


January 22nd
Friday (10am – 1.30pm) ​

February 25th
Thursday (10am – 1.30pm)

March 17th
Wednesday (10am – 1.30pm) ​

April 23rd
Friday (10am – 1.30pm)

Group of 6 participants per session. ​

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    Festive Gift Certificate

    About your trainer

    Leeza provides digital marketing support and consultancy to Business Clan’s clients. Drawing on many years of marketing experience and expert knowledge to help clients manage their social media accounts, she advises them on the best ways to use social media to drive brand awareness, engagement, leads and sales.

    As well as creating content and managing various social platforms, she also runs and oversees Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ad campaigns for our clients, creating digital marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C focused businesses.