Christmas on Pinterest

15 top Pinterest tips for small businesses in the festive season

Hopefully we all know about the power of the pin!  After all, Pinterest pins are apparently 100 times more spreadable than a tweet.

I’m certainly not here to preach to the converted, and there are hundreds of guides on how to get started and make the most of Pinterest out there, but given the time of year, I thought it would be a good time to focus on how you can make Pinterest work for you in the run up to Christmas.

Have you got all the basics in place?

Assuming you have the basics all in place i.e. beautiful, bright, high quality photos, diverse content, infographics, images assigned in popular (but relevant) categories, pinning at the right time for your product or service, using keywords wherever possible, linking to your other social media platforms, adding the Pin It hover button to your websites, sending pins in your newsletters, adding a ‘call-to-pin’ in your descriptions, pinning up to 30 times per day, responding to follower comments, commenting on follower pins, following popular boards and commenting, using rich pins and direct website links in your descriptions, moving your boards around based on their popularity, creating a blog post board and, last but not least, using Pinterest Analytics to monitor everything, then give yourself a pat on the back, crack open the mince pies and get ready for Christmas on Pinterest!

Get Pinterest ready for Christmas 

  1. First up, you will need some Christmas themed images or photos. Go crazy, but remember to stay on brand and ensure all pictures are still gorgeous things to behold.
  2. Feel free to feature cute animals, babies, and happy couples and families in your Christmas pins. Who doesn’t love these kinds of images when they’re in the festive spirit?!
  3. People love infographics and how-to-guides on Pinterest – get inventive and create some festive graphics either for your blog to be repinned or on a relevant board.
  4. Create Christmas themed boards specifically for this time of year. But be a bit subtle about pushing your products. By all means showcase your ‘perfect Christmas present’ products but remember to add in some non-product festive images too. 
  5. Add some Christmas themed images to your existing boards e.g. your inspiration board.
  6. Run a Pinterest-only festive competition with the aim of driving traffic to your e-commerce site. Just remember these simple rules: 
    • Don’t run a competition where each pin, repin, or like represents an entry, or ask pinners to vote with a repin or like.
    • Don’t run competitions or promotions too often.
    • Don’t suggest that Pinterest sponsors or endorses your business or promotion.
  7. Include prices in your pins – research shows pins with prices get at least a third more likes than those without, so it is something worth doing, especially if you are running any offers.
  8. Remember to repin the festive pins of others, to bring people to your boards.
  9. Ensure your festive boards are at the top of your Pinterest page.
  10. Change your existing board names to include keywords people will search for during the festive season.
  11. Add a Christmas call to action to your pin descriptions, especially for the products you are focusing on for Christmas.
  12. Before and after images are popular on Christmas Pinterest. Look at creating images with your products – maybe someone opening one of them and their happy smiley faces, or someone using your product having just opened it.
  13. Take the time to tag all of your Christmas pins with ‘Christmas’ or your customers will not be able to find them. Your descriptions should also be festive and encourage click through to your e-commerce site.
  14. Whilst it’s ok to leave some of these Christmas boards, tags and descriptions when the main event is over and done with, try to remove where it may be detrimental to your sales in the New Year. Keeping a Christmas board though is no bad thing and will keep you ahead of the game for next Christmas!
  15. Finally, remember that even though it’s all about Christmas right now, savvy shoppers buy what they really wanted for Christmas in the New Year sales!  With these sales starting on Christmas Day online, and continuing well into January, you need to be thinking about your promotional plan from now right through into January.

Check out the Pinterest Blog and the Pinterest newsletter to stay updated on all things Pinterest. 

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, call Business Clan for help with Pinterest and all your other social media needs 0330 1330543.

Merry Christmas!

Leeza Morley, Marketing & PR Consultant