Business Clan efilm

Our story of how to promote your business through a two-minute easy to watch eFilm for your website and social media.

Leeza: This is Dave. He's going to make an eFilm about Business Clan.
Nicolle: Fantastic! What's an eFilm?
Dave: It's a two-minute film for your website and social media which will tell your potential clients everything they need to know about your business.
Nicolle: Great. Let's do it!
Delia: How do we do it?
Dave: Let me know next time you're doing something interesting and I'll pop over with my camera and film it, then we can have a chat about what we'll put in the rest of the film.
Delia: We're running a social media for small businesses course in Surbiton tomorrow.
Dave: Cool. I'll be there...

And it was that simple. Dave drove 50 miles (plus the 9,500 miles he had come from Australia 7 weeks previously, where he had run Moondog films) and unobtrusively, with his handheld camera, got the footage of Kate and Nicolle talking social media with members of Kingston Chamber of Commerce at Maple Works. He then chatted to Delia and Nicolle over lunch about Business Clan: how our company works, our brand, our clients and our team, then he came up with some suggestions for how to get that across in an eFilm.

We weren't sure about filming outside in the parks of south-west London when we're offering a business-to-business service, but Dave showed us some of the previous work he had done, and how it would bring the warmth and appeal of our company across, so we agreed.

A week later, Delia and Nicolle were standing suited and booted on Cannon Hill Common before the joggers and dog walkers were up (!) with Dave bounding about delighted with the light and the mist. We felt slightly silly, but decided to trust this engaging Antipodean with the big ideas - and just went with it.

Next stop: the benches of Richmond Park, with the deer looking on, as Dave asked questions behind the camera about our business and brought out the story of Business Clan.

In the afternoon, we got as many of the Clan together as we could at Nicolle's house for the "Jukebox" shots. The builders on the scaffolding over the back must have wondered what on Earth was going on as we walked round in a circle: grinning, posing, jazz hands and all, for the camera.

Dave nipped over to see Koo, one of our first clients, at Coco, her hair and beauty salon in Motspur Park. She is gorgeous and super chatty, so perfect on film.

The final shots were back on Cannon Hill Common. It was a beautiful spring day, so we grabbed a rug and a couple of bottles of Prosecco and headed out to the cherry tree glade for our wrap-up scene.

Then we just needed another half-day for Dave to fill in the detail with footage kindly provided by a meeting with Raymond Kinsella at the Merton Chamber of Commerce. Then on to a screening by our client, Ben Benson at The Touring Local Cinema, where he offered us his usual popcorn and we had a chat. 

Throughout the process Dave sent us MailChimp updates. We saw a rough cut of Day One, to which the response was a resounding "Wow!" A second cut with Day Two in, where we had to make a couple of tricky decisions: Koo out, (Nooooooo!) as we couldn't fit her in with the story and keep it down to two minutes - the ideal length for keeping your audience's attention. The popcorn eating in:

Nicolle: Really?? We work with other businesses, we want to look professional.
Dave: You do look professional, but you are also real people who chat to your clients, have coffee or lunch with them and if they make popcorn - you eat their popcorn with them too. 

And then the final cut which you can see on our home page.

Our eFilm reached over 400 people in the first day (Dave helped us to get the code right to be able to post it on our website and share it on social media too) and we have received great feedback from our clients and those we work alongside. Three weeks after it first went live it has been viewed over 1,500 times and increased the click through rate to our website.

We trusted Dave and he delivered. Big style.

If you would like to know more about eFilms email Dave or visit his website.

Nicolle Anderson, Business Development Director