A checklist for social media strategy and planning

Building a business through social media is easier when you have clear objectives and a structured plan. Here's the checklist we developed for our social media workshops.

  1. Decide on your objectives
    Raise awareness, increase sales, build loyalty?
  2. Research your audience
    Likes, needs, media preferences
  3. Use the competition
    Consider what works, where, how often, original vs curated
  4. Assess which networks work best for you
    Size, target audience
  5. Start small, one network at a time
    Invest time and measure progress before moving on
  6.  Build relevant content
  7. Put together a social media calendar
    - consistency is key to engagement
    - free and paid for
  8. Monitor and evaluate
    Social insights and analytics

Remember, social media is not just about money; long term sales are better than short.

Kate Saunders, Marketing Consultant