A quick guide to writing good copy

Whether you take on the task of copywriting yourself or outsource the job, make sure you tick all the boxes for a result that will stand out from the rest.

  1. Target Audience
    Who do you want to target?
  2. Content
    What will make your target audience read your article, website or advert?
  3. Message
    List key ideas you want your target audience to take away with them and incorporate them into your copy.
  4. Unique Selling Point
    Put yourself in the shoes of your reader – imagine they know nothing about your product or service. Tell your story – what makes you interesting and different to your competitors?
  5. Be Succinct
    People have a short concentration span when they have a device in their hand – make sure you grab their attention and keep it. Don’t waffle.
  6. Outsource
    Not everyone is comfortable with the written word, so find someone who is a specialist. It’s often easier for a third party to promote your work, rather than having to sing your own praises. Copywriters are good at asking the right questions to help you pinpoint what will make good content. They bring out what you really want to say about your business. It’s one less job for you to do, so you can get on with running your core business.
  7. Proofread
    Correct any spelling mistakes and typos, and check your punctuation and grammar. Before your content goes live ask someone in your customer demographic to proofread it.  Ensure they work in a different sector to your business, so they are reading it as a new client would.

Nicolle Anderson, Business Development Director (and Copywriter!)